Meet the lady who designed Theresa May’s jewelary

British Prime Minister Theresa May chose to wear a  Kenyan made design for her jewelry during the state dinner that waqs hosted for her by pPresident Uhuru Kenyattaon Thursday night in Nairobi.

Mrs May dazzled in a ‘Made in Kenya’ necklace by designer Ami Doshi Shah.

Here are some facts you may need to know about the lady who made Theresa May’s neck piece.

Ami is a trained Jeweller and Silversmith, having gained a BA (Hon) in Jewellery and Silversmithing from the Birmingham School of Art & Design in the UK

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She  uses Kenyan raw materials to create neck and hand pieces.

She is a recipient of the Goldsmiths’ Award for Best Design (Apprentice trainee) that happened in 2001.

She terms her style as ethos for us is focused on clean, sculptural lines and form, but then broken by flashes of contrast texture, asymmetry and colour. You could describe the style as modern, whimsical and unexpected.

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She gets  inspired by the biggest and smallest things, from cultural heritage to the striations on a piece of wood.

As a Kenyan of Indian origin she terms the  African continent and Indian culture as of the and one of the richest when it comes to the cultural value of adornment.

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She is heavily influenced by both cultures. Kenya, when it comes to the scale of adornment and Indian when it comes to the detailing. I’m also particularly inspired by trends in product design, textile design and sculpture.

She is set to represent Kenya in the International Fashion Showcase in February 2019 in London.

Ami’s work will be showcased alongside that of 15 other designers from Italy, Canada, Brazil, Bangladesh, Colombia, Netherlands, South Africa, Rwanda, Sri Lanka among other nations.

During her Africa tour, May also donned a Nigerian designer’s jacket on arrival in the West African country.

Her African fabric yellow jacket stood out as she began her visit to Nigeria.


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