Menstrual Hygiene: Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka Pushes for Concrete Action

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka has urged practical solutions to tackle menstrual hygiene challenges.

Calling it crucial for environment, health, and social well-being, Lusaka said he wants to see this done and achieved across all the Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) counties.

Speaking at the LREB’s annual sanitation and menstrual hygiene management summit in Kisumu, Lusaka emphasized the urgency of the issue, particularly against the backdrop of rising teenage pregnancies in the region.

Governors Ken Lusaka (Bungoma) and Anyang Nyongo (Kisumu) during the event.

“Menstrual hygiene is not just a health concern, it’s an ecosystem issue, with far-reaching social and economic consequences,” he stressed. “These campaigns are critical, especially as our counties grapple with increasing cases of teenage pregnancies. We must turn words into action to overcome this challenge.”

Lusaka applauded the LREB counties for spearheading menstrual hygiene programs, highlighting their potential as a springboard for achieving significant progress.

The summit brought together LREB county governors, their spouses, county executive members, and MCAs, among others, showcasing a united front in addressing menstrual hygiene needs across the region.

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