Betika: Winning Made Easier For Bettors

Most punters have struggled with scarcity of games since the major football leagues were paused.

Bet builders have become the new tool that they use to make the most out of the available games.

Say you scroll through your favourite betting firm’s page looking for games and you manage to find only two.

Bet builders allow you to place a multi-bet using one or both of those games which increases your chances of winning beyond the usual ordinary staking options!

One of the best of such bet builders in Kenya is Betika’s Shikisha Bet!

The leading gaming firm has made it even more exciting for their customers by recently introducing a new market that makes it almost impossible for punters to lose!

Customers can place a bet on either a Home win, Draw or away WIN, but that’s not new, the exciting part is that your pick makes you a winner at either halftime or at full time! What does this mean?

If Arsenal is playing against Leicester City and you place your bet on a draw, you will win if the match ends in a draw either at halftime or at full time!

So if the first half ends at 0-0 and the full game ends at 1-0 for example, you still win because your prediction was correct at half time! The reverse will also win you money!

This new market has gotten a lot of punters excited with many of them having already made cash out of it. We hope that the market is here to stay.

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