“Watch your lanes!” Pastor Ng’ang’a tells off Ochungulo’s Benzema in Nasty Online Fight

A day can’t pass if Pastor Ng’ang’ a has not done or said something weird that would capture everyone’s attention.

He has been involved in uncountable scandals that have never stopped him from doing what he does best, spreading the gospel.

The Neno Evangelist founder recently took to his Instagram story to warn one of the most popular Gengetone group, The Ochungulo Family to back off.

The ‘Kaa na Mama Yako’ hitmakers released a new song called Pandemik whereby some lyrics feature the controversial pastor.

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Benzema who is popularly known as Alehandro tells the pastor in the song that he has no people to con since the Coronavirus has stopped people from going to church.

“Na materrorists hawana watu wa kubom, Pastor Ng’ang’ a Ghana watu wa kucon,” Benzema quotes in the song. It seems like Pastor Ng’ang’ a did not like those lyrics, instead, he decided to exchange nasty comments with the gengetone star on social media.

It all started when Benzema David shared a caption and the pastor commented saying that he would want to have a chitchat with the boy group. Alehandro responded back by telling him to start an online church service so that he can continue with his conning.

Mr. Ng’ang’a told him to watch his lanes!

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