‘Kusota is Real!’ Kenyans React after Huddah Monroe Does The Unthinkable To Earn Cash

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Famous socialite Huddah Monroe has shocked fans after announcing that she will twerk and chat with them on only fans site for a fee.

She took to her Instagram page to announce her new job during quarantine.

The socialite who is also an entrepreneur has been marketing her page where she charges $10-$30 for these private shows.

You will now have to pay to see Huddah’s semi-nudes.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'huddah huddahthebosschick 3h × You wanna see me twerk lol! Be naughty and shit Swipe up! Join my only fans account. $10 for 30 days.'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'huddahthebosschick 3h joined only fans They say it's a porn site But I wanna use it for my real fans. Somewhere we talk Connect like real friends .Ask me anything business ideas Unlock the thirst on How to win in life apart from my my nudes.... Swipe up & subscribe now $10 for 30 days'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'huddahthebosschick 3h If you want exclusive never seen before photos of me. Go subscribe to my ONLY FANS account.. $10 for 30 days User name THEBOSSCHICK Swipe up!'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'huddahthebosschick 2h You want a private video session with me ? just you and I unlike all these IG lives .No nudity tho! Swipe up!'

Image may contain: possible text that says 'huddahthebosschick 3h My Twerk videos are really expensive. You gotta pay TOP DOLLAR for that shit! Fuck outta here! $10 You only get to chat with me exclusively Like a real life friend! No secrets'

This has come as a shock to many because Huddah once claimed see has over seven businesses and doesn’ need people’s support on her cosmetic line.

Kenyans believe her latest move is a clear sign that she is going broke, especially with the economy crushing due to corona virus.

Here are some of the reaction that have followed after her announcement.

Shamiler Drunks Mwandishi Vera could never go this broke lol

Muthoni Enyewe economy ni mbaya masponyo wamerudi kwa famerees🤣🤣🙄si Afungue gofundme account Apate msaada before akuwe homeless huko dubai

Sasha Lovita

Ambieni huyu dame kama anataka kukua porn star akue tu live and direct. Stop pretending and hiding under “private chat and give advice.” I beg just twerk that ass, make your money and go. She did a 50% sale, I guess shit has gotten real with the bills being locked down in a hotel in Dubai; for an uncertain period of time. I have also noticed she has been posting $20 alcohol since lock down unlike her “Champagne lifestyle” before. Life will humble you😂. From “you think cosmetics feed me? I have over 7 businesses in and out of the country” to “Pay $10 to $30 to see me naked and twerking” real quick

Peninah Wanjiru 😂😂things must be really getting tough on her side

Kendi Mutwiri Wah nilikuwa tu hapa nikijihurumia😂😂😂 then I saw this waah ni kabaya si amejimarket ata nimemhurumia instead

Laura Njeri 😳 whatever happened to le good life and balling? Her ‘rich’ friends better come zru for her

Mary Osborne Holtham Wow people are this desperate

Miriam Wangoi Kwani hii life haina mwisho. Navenye mimi I cant wait to retire and go farming when I’m 35. Ata twerk hadi meno zianguka




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