Important Things to Note Before Purchasing Your Gas Cylinder

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Over the past few years, there have been multiple cases of gas accidents resulting in deadly explosions in most Kenyan households.

It is assumed many of us purchase our cylinders from backdoor vendors and we are to blame for the accidents that are rising each day.

Below are things to put into consideration before purchasing your gas cylinder:

Avoid Roadside Vendors

It is important to avoid those roadside gas vendors because they refill their cylinders from back door gas dealers which bring a lot of inconveniences. They don’t take the prerequisite precautions like weighing the cylinders before refill & after refill. So possibility of putting excess gas in a light cylinder is very high.

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Mode of Delivery

While ferrying your package to your home, cylinders should be upright in transit. If put lying down, then the liquified gas mixes with the air at the top (Normally cylinders are not filled to the brim, a space is left to allow the gas in liquid form to vaporize before exiting to the cooker), this leads to gas oozing out in the cooker in liquid form and it’s mainly caused by the manner it was transported.

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Check out the Cylinder’s Life Span

You should also be aware gas cylinders have a life span. They have a date engraved on them, usually, the licenced gas dealers (petroleum companies) subject the cylinders to pressure test before refilling. Something most back door guys are not equipped to do!! Cylinders also erode from inside with time, in short, they expire!!! An expired cylinder is like a bomb in waiting.

If your gas smells, have it checked

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One more thing to know, cooking gas has no smell. What you smell from gas is deliberately added for precaution in case there is a leakage in the house. Although gas itself is colourless and odourless, companies intentionally add a scent that makes leaks easier to detect. If you smell this distinctive odour, it’s time to call the gas company and have them check your appliances.

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