Sink Imejaaa Sufuria Chafu! Andrew Kibe’s House Leaves Social Media Ablaze

It seems this quarantine period will unleash most of the hidden lifestyles among celebrities. As it has become a norm, for a celeb to engage with his or her fans the only way is through going live on social media, Kiss FM presenter-Andrew Kibe- was also not left behind.

He went live on Instagram in the evening as he was preparing supper. He was also joined by his beloved colleague, Kamene Goro.

However, unlike many live videos that welcome positive energy from the audience, Kibe became a laughing stock.

His house was so unkept with no curtains not to mention the kitchen’s sink which was full of dirty utensils. Kenyans couldn’t keep calm as they made it an online discussion.

Check out the reactions below.


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