5 Smart Ways to Beat Self-Quarantine Stress

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Nobody anticipated that by the third month into 2020, we would be working from our houses in a new term to many ‘Self-quarantine.’

As much as we would want to rant, let us accept that the virus has hit and try to do as instructed. Majority of us will find it easy but also for some, it’s the most stressful!

From work and social commitments to last-minute shopping and over-scheduled everyday plans, the virus has taken a toll on your sanity.

You need to stop stressing with these few hacks as you look forward to the self-quarantine period:

Use your feelings as a guide

Understand what is making you feel anxious or overwhelmed. Is it the virus scare? Once you have identified the root of your anxiety, pay attention to your feelings, rather than pushing them aside.

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Avoid stressful scenarios where possible

Okay, so this is easier said than done, but, often times, we’re stressed out because of expectations we place on ourselves. For example, the last shopping craze we have witnessed in the past few days. Avoid people making you feel as though you are not doing enough.

Have positive thoughts!

Be keen on your thoughts and feelings as if they were passing clouds. Let any stressful thoughts or panic drift away; don’t allow them to linger in your mind. Take a breath, then spend a few moments breathing naturally and noticing the coming and going of your breath.

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Invest in a self-care routine

Stressful times call for extra self-care. Much has been said about how we can prevent acquiring the virus but also take this time as an opportunity to take care of yourself. You can do so by getting enough sleep, exercising and enjoying quiet time where you’re able to relax.

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