Homosexuals! The ‘ugly’ Trousers Gideon Moi Wore in Church That Miguna Claims Are for Gays


Revolutionary Lawyer Miguna Miguna who was exiled from Kenya launched an attack on politician Gideon Moi on the grounds that his attire was ‘gay’.

Miguna Miguna took to his social media to attack the Baringo Senator who was being blessed by more than 100 religious leaders in Kabarak.

In his post he wrote, “To Gideon Moi: Globally, RED PANTS (TROUSERS) are favoured by Homosexuals or Gay men. Carrying a “rungu” like the one which is purportedly being “blessed” in this image in public amounts to wielding a DANGEROUS WEAPON. You will not succeed to bamboozle Kenyans with rubbish.”

The attack has incited many Kenyans to chime in. Check out photos of the red trousers Gideon was adorned in below:



The trousers go for about Ksh. 3,660 in the country.

Gideon Moi is not the only politician who has been seen rocking these red trousers because DP William Ruto is also known to rock colourful outfits.

Check out Miguna’s tweet below:

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