‘Kwani Ni Za Choo!’ Kenyans Savagely Troll Diana Marua’s Gloves (PHOTOS)

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Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has been viciously trolled by Kenyans for wearing peculiar-looking gloves to compliment a Cinderella ball-gown.

Diana Marua has always been a style icon and many Kenyan women look up to her for fashion tips but this one was a miss to many of them.

In pictures posted on her Instagram page from a photoshoot with her lover Bahati, the pair is seen rocking dinner attire.

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They would have gotten their usual compliments except hawk-eyed netizens were keen to highlight Diana’s gloves. The black gloves seem bigger than Diana’s hands and are completely out of place.

Among other things, Kenyans have likened them to dishwashing gloves and those worn by garbage collectors.

Lavie Awor said, “Zinakaa za kuchokora sewage.”

Bil Qis chimed in, “Huyu ananikalia cleaner wa kanjo.”

“Zinakaa za kuosha vyombo,” Beryl Otis added. 

Nimo Ikahu chorused, “I think alivaa za kuosha choo by mistake.”

Check out the pictures of the gloves  below and you be the judge.


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Blessed to be called Wifey ❤

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Here are other reactions from Kenyans.

Akinyi Mamake Jay She’s trying too much to slay but infact she’s failing terribly

Hujafa Hujaumbika Ushambaaaaa, the gloves zinakaa za kuosha choo and they should be well fitting and match with the outfit

Sophie Lam Ona gloves za kuspray kahawa ushago ata za agro vet ni tight kidogo chessooo….ushambaaa wrote hapa

Akinyi Otieno Zinakaa za mtu wa nduthi

Eva Samuel Hii nguo inakaa tu mzito. Mabega za watu wa mjengo.

Lizzy Lizz za plumbing… 😂 😂 🤣 🤣 ati anafeel londonish… 😂 😂 🤣 gerrraaraahia

Lavie Awor zinakaa za kuchokora sewage


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