Truth Behind Alleged Photo of Ruto’s Daughter With Echesa in Fake Arms Deal

A photo alleged to be that of Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa together with the daughter to Deputy President William Ruto, June Ruto, went viral on social media raising eyebrows of a possible involvement of the DP’s immediate family member in the botched firearm deal.

However, it has emerged that the viral photo was edited to ostensibly push a narrative that DP’s daughter could be one of the accomplices in the fake arms deal that has since dragged the name of her father.

An alleged photo of Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa and DP Ruto’s daughter, June Ruto.

But even as many kept guessing on social media about the true position of the viral photo, one verified social media user on Twitter by the name Abraham Mutai, tasked himself with the responsibility of tracing the origin of the photo.

“Dear KOT, I have seen many tag me this photo and saying this is June Ruto with Echesa. I can’t deny or confirm. Sijui. But it will be interesting to establish who this woman in the photo is. We need to know who are our racketeers and conmen. KOT CID do your thing,” tweeted Mutai.

Surprisingly, despite Mutai being one of those who questioned the involvement of DP Ruto’s daughter into the fake arms deal, the social media influencer established that the photo was edited to accommodate both Echesa and June.

“This photo is edited. I don’t know whether it is edited to insert the face of a woman who looks like June Ruto but my investigations so far indicate the photo was altered today at 8 am. The source of the photo is possibly from a photo editor. I have posted my findings alongside,” he said.

Mutai went on to reveal the exact website where the picture was obtained from.

“Finally. My Investigations complete. The first photo is the original. The second photo is the doctor edited photo. Even as we advance the conversation across this nation, we must debunk FAKE NEWS and stop those who want to derail us from actual issues at hand.

An original picture that is alleged to have been edited.

“Before you sleep, I would like to inform you about the source of the doctored picture. Apparently, the photo is not even related to Rashid Echesa or even the fraud they perpetrated in Poland. Here is the website that contains the photo. Now you know,” he concluded.

The findings seemingly put to rest the heated debate that had dented the image of the DP’s daughter who is in charge of D’Affaires in Poland.

Many had speculated that June had played a key role in effecting the botched deal that has taken the country by storm.

On Monday, Echesa was freed on Ksh1 million bail after he denied fraud charges pressed against him.

The matter dragged the name of DP Ruto after he admitted that Echesa and his group of players in the fraud were at his office for 23 mins.

However, the office of the DP on Monday dismissed the allegations that Ruto was part of the fraud saying his office is open to anyone willing to visit.

His communication team went ahead to say that Echesa never met the DP on that day and neither did he had a requisite appointment adding that nothing substantial was discussed with DP’s staff.

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