Diamond Finally Adresses Drug Abuse Allegations

Diamond Platnumz (Instagram)

Diamond Platnumz has gained popularity through his music and publicity stunts. Acts that have created misconceptions about him.

Diamond revealed that the most common misconception people have about his life is that he parties hard and abuses drugs.

“People think that I party a lot and some say that I smoke bhang. I don’t smoke bhang or smoke cigarettes nor drink,” he told the press during a recent briefing.

Diamond also revealed how he is able to produce hit after hit with a busy schedule.

“I respect my career as a musician. Music is not just fun for me it’s a career that I respect a lot. I try to be innovative, do my research and learn what people want to listen to at any given time. I also try and learn which outfits are fashionable to wear and where the global music scene is headed,” he revealed.

Diamond Platnumz (Instagram)

Talking of the global music scene, Diamond revealed that his biggest supporters when it comes to his music are Kenyans.

Kenyans support his music on digital platforms such as YouTube with the bulk of his views coming from Kenya. This fact plus the beauty of the country and the hardworking nature of Kenyans have made him love the country.

Diamond Platnumz (Instagram)

“What stands out the most to you about Kenya each time you come?” Diamond was asked during the briefing.

“First of all, Tanasha, then the beauty of your country, a lot of things. Kenya is my second home. Kenyans support and love me. Kenyans are sharp and hardworking although there are many queues,” he added jokingly.

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