Msilaumu Willy Pozee! Bahati releases Controversial Song with ‘Mboko Haram’ Hitmakers

Is the Kenyan gospel industry trying to venture to the Gengetone world?

Award-winning gospel artist Bahati took many by surprise after announcing he will be releasing a new track with Gengetone group, The Boondocks gang. 

The song is called ‘Taniua’ which is a popular slang language that was popularised by Gengetone artists.

The controversial hit is in a church setting whereby Bahati plays the role of a bishop and the Boondocks gang are worshippers going to repent their sins.

The song has received mixed reactions and Kenyans are wondering what is happening to the gospel industry. Bahati has always claimed to be a staunch Christian but after releasing this track it has left many in deep thoughts if he has changed to secular music.

Here are some of the reactions from the fans;

Eti kesi ya binguni unaeza nitetea kweli… Somebody stop odi🔥😂.”

“Najua tuko wengi tumekuja kuskiza verse ya Odi Muranga😂.”

“Never judge willy pozee again.”

“Ati Yesu Taniuaa, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hii Kenya tutasaidika na kuhama twende kakuma, wakwitu unachizi nink.”

“Kweni fools day imefika😎🤐🤐🤐.”

“We enyewe we uko na kasoro.”

Rada😂😂😂😂ushaanza kuburn.”

Acheni jokes mazee😂😳.”

Hii ntaskiza twe juu ya oddi wa muranga.”

Heri bwana mkunaji.❤️”

It seems@iamexraycame up with the idea ‘Taniua’.It’s his introduction in every song. Bahati had no other idea to the title with his suprano, “Weka tu io taniua ya xray,itafit tuuu”

What happened to good music? Why does the media continue playing garbage music done by ihîîs such as Bahati and Boondocks Gang? These bastards are neither singers, rappers, poets nor anything near being an artist. What the f**k are they?

Here is the link to the song:

What do you think about it?

A few weeks ago ‘Mtoto wa Mama’ was trolled after he sent one of his trainees, Peter Blessing to jail for obtaining Sh2, 039, 000 through false pretence while at EMB( Eastlands Most Beloved) Records.

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