Concerns as Mourners Faint During Moi’s Body Viewing – Photos


A number of Kenyans have raised concerns over the long queues at the Parliament Buildings after two women fainted as they waited in line to view the body of the late former president Daniel Arap Moi.

According to images seen by Opera News, two women are seen being stretched away by paramedics after collapsing while waiting for their turn to pay their last respects to the former president.

Thousands of Kenyans have been queueing since Saturday to pay their respects to the former president as his body lay in state, with officials saying they expect the numbers to hit 150,000 by Monday afternoon.

Chief Justice David Maraga also made his way to the Parliament Buildings to view the body of the late Mzee Moi.

Chief Justice David Maraga at the Parliament Buildings

ODM leader Raila Odinga is also one of the leaders expected to join mourners on the last day of the exercise, which comes to a close at 4:30 pm.

This is according to ODM’s Communication Director Phillip Etale who also revealed that Raila would attend the memorial service at Nyayo Stadium on Tuesday and final burial ceremony at Kabarak on Wednesday.

For those who have been asking questions; Raila Odinga will be back in town early enough today to mourn President Daniel Arap Moi. He will view the body which is lying in state at the Speaker’s walk-in Parliament before close of business. He will be at Nyayo Stadium & Kabarak,” Etale tweeted.

The retired president succumbed to a long illness while receiving medical care at the Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday.

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