(VIDEO) The Day Impeached Waititu Danced, and Almost Stopped Reggae

Former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu, is a surprisingly jovial man, granted the amount of turmoil he has undergone over the years leading up to his current impeachment predicament.

From Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko leaking his embarrassing phone conversations to being kicked out of the VIP section during the 2019 Mashujaa Day celebrations, Waititu bore the brunt of public embarrassment with a brave face, which he maintained to the last minutes of his senate trial, which was not without laughable moments, on the ousted politician’s part.

Even before his election into Kiambu’s leadership, Waititu was a household name in Nairobi and Kiambu politics, having earned himself the Babayao alias from his roguish antics, comprised of stone-throwing and name-calling.

As expected, Waititu’s Wednesday impeachment quickly escalated into a meme-making affair for Kenyans on Twitter, and amid it all, emerged a video of Waititu dancing to a diss-track that would, years later, apply to his situation.

In the clip, recorded in May 2017, the ousted county boss is seen busting awkward moves to Jamaican hit song Don’t Come Back, which is a sarcastic goodbye song for people who are no longer wanted.

”Don’t come back, go on go….” the musical piece by one Tarrus Riley says in part.

Little did Waititu know that almost three years later, the Kiambu electorate would be dancing to the same tune after his high-profile impeachment over graft and abuse of office.

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo was among the first Kiambu residents to celebrate the fall of Waititu, noting that the county would, going forward, record improved service delivery.

Kabogo was, however, quick to mock Kiambu citizens who voted him out in 2017, saying ”choices have consequences.”

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