You Need Connections Here! Kenyans React After Bird That Flew From Finland Dies of Starvation

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The death of a rare bird that flew from Finland to Kenya has caught the attention of netizens who can’t stop raving about it.

According to Kenya Wildlife Services, the rare Osprey bird succumbed to organ failure due to the long-term starvation it underwent enroute. The unique bird had flown over 6,000 kilometres, literally crossing oceans to get to Kenya to, unfortunately, meet its death.

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The news of the death of the bird has received mixed reactions from social media users. Ironically, condolence messages for the bird have flooded social media. Some Kenyans have condemned the country blaming it for the death of the bird while others have made fun of the situation.

You know in Kenya you must have connections to survive that bird had no connection look what happened to it now,” Gerrad K Tanui Tanui joked.

“RIP kanyoni …kenya its hard to survive. burial ni wapi kenya ama finland?” Prince Brown asked.

Peter Costa Makokha was curious who followed the bird to confirm it had traveled 6,000 kilometres. “So we had somebody idler or rather researching who followed the bird from Finland to Kenya?” he asked.

Check out other reactions from Kenyans:

Fêïgh Pàtricks Mbôngeh Surviving in kenya should be added in a thousand ways to die..

ابوبنيامين البجلي The government killed it… because it was sent to investigate why kenya is the most corrupt country in africa

Bruce Lee Isadia The reality of living in Kenya. The bird flew all the way from Finland to come and die in Kenya under KWS watch… starvation kitu gani! If it survived the Mediterranean sea,the deserts of Egypt,Sudan , Ethiopia and north eastern come it died amidst plenty of food.We still remember the Rhinos that died under KWS watch. Anyway,we are told the BBI will solve all these issues.The bird should have landed in Western Kenya,we love birds,they don’t die ‘just like that’.

Stinger Da Vinci Kenya can’t even manage to take care of just one bird… This gonna create tension between two countries. 

Kims Jj He ran away frm Finland to avoid child support.

Ptah Tosh Nothing survives in Kenya without a budget

Muhunyo Jnr In Kenya God gave us and the animals living here a hardship allowance.we overcomes everything,for my fren Osprey from Finland he couldn’t survive.The first time we met with Osprey was during my holiday visit at condolences to the Osprey’s brothers,sisters and all citizens of finland

Dennis Mmasi I know why the bird died, yes I know.You said Siaya? Of course it died in Siaya. How I wish the bird could have asked where to land,



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