Court Prohibits Babu Owino From Drinking Alcohol, Narcotic Drugs

Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, on Monday appeared before Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi for a pre-bail hearing.

After a hearing faced with interruptions from the legislator’s supporters, he was finally granted a Ksh 10 Million cash bail.

Babu Owino in Court

Among the bail conditions, the court prohibited Babu from taking alcohol-related drinks from any public joint.

“The accused is prohibited from indulging in any form of alcoholic drinks or narcotics in any public establishment during the entire period of the case,” read magistrate Francis Andayi.

Here are is a list of other conditions that the court gave Babu Owino:

1. The accused should meet the initial medical expenses of the victim.

2. Two referees needed to ascertain Babu’s commitment to pay the remaining bail…all to depots their IDs in court.

3. The 10 million bail will be used to gather for the victim’s hospital bill.

4. Any sum remaining after the treatment shall be deposited in court pending determination.

5. Deposit his passport and travel documents with the court.

6. Accused prohibited from commenting on the case in any forum the media or public gatherings.

Breaching of the above terms will, therefore, lead to automatic cancellation of the bond.

In his ruling, Andayi added that the prosecution did not have enough evidence to link Babu to the offence apart from the fact that he admitted he was at the crime scene when the incident happened.

Here is a video of the court ruling on Monday evening from Tuko

Babu is accused of shooting Felix Odhiambo alias DJ Evolve at Nairobi’s B-club from which the victim suffered two gunshots on the neck.

However, on Monday morning, the victim opposed Babu’s request to be released on bail citing fear that the legislator may harm him.

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