[VIDEO] Police Storm the House of a Woman who Ejected Rogue Traffic Officer Out of her car

Police on Saturday morning, January 25, stormed the house of Mildred Atty Owiso, a woman who went viral after forcefully ejecting a traffic officer out of her car.

In a video clip seen by Opera News, the police forcefully gained entry into Owiso’s home by lobbying teargas all over her compound.

According to her, the policemen about ten in number invaded her home early in the morning without an arrest warrant and started beating up her workers.

“Guys I have an invasion in my house, the police have come to arrest me, I don’t know why. They have lobbed teargas everywhere. They are throwing teargas all over the place.” Owiso is heard saying in the video.

“As you can see they are out there, I can’t breath. My whole home is teargas. I have locked myself in,” the woman is heard saying as she struggles to breathe.

Owiso also claimed that the police even killed her dogs in order to break into the house.

“They’re breaking into my house, they have killed even my dogs. They are killing me, my whole home is teargas.”

The terrified woman insisted in the video that the police officers should at least tell her what crimes she committed before arresting her.

She also pleaded with them to direct her on which police station she should report to without causing such drama.

“Kwa nini mnakuja kuniarrest, Mniambie wapi nitakuja, tell me which police station and I will be there.”

However, her pleas fell into deaf ears as the unforgiving rogue officers threatened to break down her door in order to take her in custody prompting her to open the door.

“Wacheni nifungue mlango, najivaa niwafungulie mlango. Sijakataa kufungua mlango.”

Activist Boniface Mwangi immediately condemned the brutality meted on her.

In a tweet, Mwangi said that police tend to use their brutal force on people who challenge their criminality.

“Kenya Police behave like criminals when going after active citizens. Anyone who dares challenge their criminality is targeted with brutal force, batons, teargas, and bullets. They have teargassed Mildred Atty’s house, shot her dog dead, insulted, assaulted and then arrested her,” Mwangi said.

“The level of violence meted to Mildred Atty was because she dared challenge a corrupt police officer. They want to use her as a lesson to deter citizens from calling out and recording corruption. It’s the same level of violence they used on Miguna for swearing Raila as president,” he stated.

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