Murkomen Fires Back at Junet Over Mombasa BBI Rally

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen on Wednesday clapped back to ODM party Director of Elections Junet Mohammed who warned Tanga Tanga leaders against political sideshows as they plan to attend the Mombasa BBI rally.

Taking to Twitter to respond to the caution, Murkomen said their attendance will focus on enhancing unity and development but not about the 2022 succession politics.

FILE: Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen.

He dismissed report indicating that they attended the meeting for sideshows but said their willingness to be part of the course was to foster inclusivity.

“I would like to welcome all leaders to the BBI meeting in Mombasa this Saturday. We shall be focusing on the unity and development of this country and not sideshows about 2022 and discussing individuals,” tweeted Murkomen.

The remarks came hours after Junet had slammed the Tanga Tanga group of dishonesty after they bastardized their Kisii and Kakamega meetings.

Junet added that the leaders had realized that the country was making progress in the BBI matter leaving them with no option but to join the course.

Tanga Tanga leaders accused the ODM party leader Raila Odinga of seeking to invent himself politically using the BBI rallies.

They slammed the Orange party for using public resources to facilitate their  rallies saying it was unnecessary since no one had oppose the BBI course.

While announcing the new move, Murkomen, while in the company of leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto, said they had decided to join the competitors to eradicate divisive politics and create an engagement aimed at enhancing inclusivity.

The move is expected to spark a standoff at the Mombasa rally given that the two groups of leaders have been trading verbal blows.

The two BBI rallies came under criticism after the majority of its speakers attacked DP Ruto accusing him of being hypocritical in supporting the BBI course.

Nevertheless, Junet on Wednesday emphasized that the BBI meeting set to be held in Mombasa is a go zone for anyone who so wishes.

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