She Stopped Having Sex with Me and Consistently Lies,Kenyan Man Confesses

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Lying in a relationship is just the worst thing ever!

When your partner lies to you that should communicate he or she is not ready for a serious relationship, they do not respect you, they are selfish, will make the relationship unbalanced, destroys the trust that has been built and could communicate you are cheating.

Below a frustrated man shares his story on how his girlfriend has been consistently lying;

“I am in a 2-year-old relationship, it was all good till my girlfriend went to a job attachment. I saw and felt a change in her, we also started having petty arguments compared to the previous months. I went through her Whatsapp only to find out she has been flirting with a guy from her workplace. I had been asking her about it but she says she has never done it. 

I confronted her about this and she still denied. One day I woke up and found her on a call but she was talking from outside.

I asked her who was that on the call with a very serious face and she says it’s one of her bosses who had called her to inform her there is work to do at 1 pm. 

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I requested her to call that supervisor and she got defensive saying that she was using a new number. I have a strong feeling she is lying to me. She cheated on me with the ex while we were three months old. I was hurt and devastated. I forgave her and she told me she will never do it again but she has been lying to me consistently. 

I come from a wrecked family due to cheating and I know how draining it is. I do not want that to happen to me.

She has stopped having sex with me and it has made me sleep with hoes. This has affected my mental health and business.

But I still love her and want to be with her.”

Help ME! 

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