Why I Miss 2013-2017 Jubilee Team – Sabina Chege

Murang’a County Woman Representative Sabina Chege has come out to express her displeasure over the current working relationship between Jubilee party leaders.

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Murang’a County Woman Representative Sabina Chege with Deputy President William Ruto at a past function. Photo/File

Speaking on Tuesday morning when she appeared for Citizen Tv’s DayBreak show, the MP lamented that the current working relationship between some members in the party had worsened unlike in 2013-2017 when they all spoke in one voice.

The MP, who has been largely associated with Kieleweke movement which supports the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga, added that she had a good time working under a united government, where all members tackled issues as a team.

“I’m very uncomfortable with the way we are running business especially form the Jubilee side. I had a very fantastic period between 2013 and 2017 when we worked as a team,” stated Chege.

According to Sabina, she misses the first term government which she said members were much comfortable and free to engage and relate with each other without being judged or suspected by anybody.

“The handshake came with blessings and also a lot of bitterness. I have never stayed in a parliament where there is a lot of suspicions and everybody have to watch their backs. If I am seen charting with Shollei, then questions arise,” stated Sabina.

At the same time, county woman boss maintained she was not aware of the current relationship between the president and his deputy adding that remarks by some of the leaders calling for the resignation of Deputy President William Ruto lacked merits.

She also took time to rubbished Kandara MP Alice Wahome’s remarks during the funeral of veteran politician Charles Rubia.

According to her, Wahome was unjustified to lecture the president on democracy, saying her comments were meant to demean the head of state.

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On December 6 2019, the woman representative found herself on the wrong side of her electorate, when the crowd shouted her down for claiming Uhuru had sent her to deliver his message at a fundraising function that Deputy President William Ruto was present in Maragua, Murang’a.

“Do you think the president lives in Somalia or Kenya, and do you think he doesn’t know your problems?” Sabina asked prompting disapproving grunts from the visibly angry crowd.

She tried to convince the residents that the president would visit the area to have a candid discussion about matters affecting them, but they would have none of it.

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