DP Ruto Speaks After News of Being Kicked Out of Home

Sunday morning news on the woes facing Deputy President William came as a shock to a section of Kenyans.

An expoze by the Daily Nation stipulated that Ruto had been kicked out of his official residence at Mombasa on Wednesday.

A few hours after the release of the Sunday Nation newspaper, the subject of discussion broke his silence.

William Ruto speaking at a past event

Ruto chose not to respond to the allegations but rather shift focus on the Building Bridges Initiative Politics.

Ruto has been sceptical about the second phase of the BBI process which he termed as an avenue by the propagators to squander public funds.

Even though he avoided the issue at hand, some of his followers on twitter brought it up.



Neither his team members or him have confirmed that the allegations are true.

Blogger Denis Itumbi, who is a key person in his team also failed to comment on the issue but instead penned down a poetic hymn in response to the allegations.

Emanuel Talaam, who is Ruto’s deputy spokesperson was contacted by the nation to give his reply but also acted dodgy.

He said that he had no idea why the DP had not moved to the new residence and also confirmed that instead, he spent his night at English Point Marina.

However, Mwalimu Abduba Dida, who has once been a critic of the Dp showed him empathy after the new revelations.

Dida categorically stated that it was not fair to mistreat him and paint a bad picture of him.

“If the president doesn’t want the DP, he should ask him to resign. It is not fair to mistreat him to the extent of locking him out of his official residence,” Said Dida.

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