The Cabinet Secretaries Frustrating Miguna – Murkomen

Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen has weighed in on the woes facing his fellow lawyer Miguna Miguna.

Just like a number of citizens, Murkomen is not pleased with the manner in which Miguna has faced frustrations during his journey back to Kenya.

On Wednesday morning he weighed in on Miguna’s saga but his boss, Deputy President William Ruto was dragged into the blame game from netizens.

Murkomen shifted the blames to cabinet secretaries whom he accused of disobeying the presidential order to facilitate Miguna’s return.

Additionally, the lawmaker termed the events preventing the lawyer from returning to his motherland depict the hypocrisy of Kenyan politics.

He further stated that failure by the government to enable the smooth landing of Miguna shows the Ugly BBI and handshake initiatives.


A section of citizens questioned the Elgeyo Marakwet senator on the role he could play to save doomed general.

He responded to critics saying that he has given Miguna counsel and he would do anything else for him under his official capacity.

Miguna himself insists that President Uhuru is the mastermind of the red alerts issued to him, with Raila Odinga as his accomplice.

The self-declared general has accused the two leaders of violating his human rights and also his rights as a Kenyan citizen.

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