Matiang’i Approves Miguna’s Entry into the Country

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government, under Dr Fred Matiang’i, has confirmed lawyer Miguna Miguna’s entry into the country.

Through an official press statement, the department of immigration, under Matiang’i’s ministry, has said that it will comply with court orders issued on December 14, 2018, that prompted the government to ensure Miguna’s return into the country.

Press statement on Miguna’s Return into the country

On Monday, High Court Judge Justice Weldon Korir ruled that the government should not interfere with the return of the lawyer.

Before this official statement, Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna had earlier on hinted that the state would not interfere with the General’s return.

However, the news was not welcomed by Miguna himself who termed it as an attempt by the government to control the damage they had already caused to him.

National Resistance Movement leader Miguna Miguna at Jomo kenyatta airport ./EZEKIEL AMINGÁ

He further stated that it would be a good gesture if the republic would deliver his Kenyan passport to him.

The self-declared general had publicly announced his return to Kenya on January 7, 2020.

Miguna was unwillingly deported from the country on February 7, 2018, where he was forced to board a plane to Canada via Dubai.

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