Ex-Tahidi High Actress Jolene Claps Back at Fan Who Mocked Her for Being Cheated on

Jackie Matubia (Instagram)

The last few days have been extra hard for Jackie Matubia aka Jolene after her husband Kennedy Njogu was exposed for cheating.

A situation that forced Matubia to clear the air by declaring that they separated in March 2019.

“How is he cheating when we are separated?” Matubia told BNN before cheekily adding, “Also kindly use updated photos of me. My good side tafadhali if I am going to trend I would love to trend looking good.”

Jackie and Kennedy during happier times (Instagram)

Njogu, on the other hand, said, “ There is nothing to say really. People come together, people separate, people, heal. I really do not get what the fuss is about. You should probably talk to Matubia. She is the celeb and more talkative. She might give you more info. I am not involved with anyone; your people can say what they want.”

Following the expose, most of the comments have been pretty encouraging with some fans congratulating Matubia for how she handled the mortifying situation.

Jackie Matubia (Instagram)

However, others were less kind and accused Jackie and her husband of painting a perfect picture of their relationship whilst things were very different offline.

“@roxychiqittah 😂😂😂😂😂 they act like they are perfect hapa instagram kumbe Mercedes imebeba kila malaya hii nairobi @jmatubia pole sana dada,” read a comment from ca_lvin7696.

In response, Jackie revealed that they do not paint a perfect picture they are just being themselves but people interpret it differently.

“@ca_lvin7696 we don’t act perfect we are just us but you perceive that we perfect 🤷‍♀️ stress kwenyu.. Mimi niko tu sawa,” she commented.

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