VIDEO: Raila Makes Christmas Breakfast For His Family

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga Raila has surprised his family  on the morning of Christmas Day by preparing a German breakfast for them.

In a video shared by his daughter Winnie Odinga, Raila is seen cooking in his kitchen.

Winnie is heard asking Raila what he was preparing for the family, and Raila responds by saying that it was a German breakfast.

The former Prime Minister’s daughter notes that the breakfast was so delicious.

“Sometime ago dad hopped on the stove and whipped together a German breakfast! Delicious! Happy holidays!” Winnie posted.

Raila over a long period of time has demonstrated love for his family.

He has on several occasions seen with his family, and at a times seen playing around with his grandchildren.

On Thursday, August 31,2019, Raila excited Kenyans on social media after sharing photos of his granddaughter’s sports day.

Raila attending his granddaughter’s sports day. Photo/courtesy

Clad in a red cap emblazoned with a Kenyan flag, marching shirt and dark brown Khaki pants, Odinga was at ease without the usual entourage and bevvy of security as he jubilantly cheered at the terraces of the undisclosed school.

“It was a welcome change from the usual office rounds to attend my granddaughter’s sports day this morning. Apart from the physical benefits, sports also inculcates the spirit of teamwork in our young as they grow up,” read the post from the opposition leader’s page.

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