‘I Always Wait Till Morning and he Doesn’t Even Satisfy me – City Woman Cries

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There are different kinds of men out there, and as they differ in behaviour and attitude, so do they differ in their wants and needs.

When it comes to making the choice of whom to date, there are so many factors that men and women put into consideration. Some care about physical attributes, and the others look skin deep.

But what happens when your partner doesn’t satisfy your needs? Would cheat on them? Below is a confession of a lady who had had enough of her selfish man. Read it below:

I feel so mad right now writing this. Can you imagine someone leaving you high h**ny and dry after just one round of amazing sweet crazy s3x.

Just when you get fully into the mood booooom !!!The man is acting like he moved all citizens of Mugabe to a new country. Anyway here is my confession.

I think its either my s3x urge is weird or am crazy. So it’s like this, when I and my guy started having s3x it’s always magical. First the kissing the romance everything is perfect and when the sex starts it’s perfect too.

But the problem is after one crazy round the guy acts like he just built a whole mansion by himself tired as f**k. And sadly that’s the time my body gets fully functional.

I feel I just want more and more and sadly I get nothing… I have to wait till morning. Sad right? All that urge all that wanting all those crazy ideas I want to try are all carried away by sleep.

In short, can’t remember the last time I got satisfied. All my sex life I don’t think I have ever been satisfied. Sometimes I wonder where are all those crazy men who are good at everything including making their women satisfied in bed are. 

These are the reasons why women cheat. When a woman cheats men think its coz we are selfish. No! women will always cheat with a  good d**k. I hope I don’t get married to a man who leaves me this h**ny coz we will have a big problem. I really feel like crying, please hide my identity.


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