I Slept With Jalang’o Around the Time of His Ruracio – Nairobi Lady Confesses

Jalang’o during Ruracio (Instagram)

A woman has come out to claim that she was in an illicit relationship with Jalang’o around the time he was having his Rũracio in Syokimau.

The lady in question claimed that Jalang’o has been sending her money and they have had sex about four times, twice in September and twice in October. Jalang’o’s Rũracio was on 27th October 2019.

He approached her in the DM after commenting on her photo and at the DMs, the two hit it off.

“Jalang’o DMd me in August. He told me I’m beautiful blah blah blah. We started talking and exchanged numbers and we met up for the first time mid-August,” she confessed.

From that point they started hanging out, partying and having sex before things got sour after she discovered that Jalang’o was also dating a lady identified as Immaculate Karanja.

The lady disclosed that she was angry after finding out that Jalang’o was playing her with Immaculate and so she decided to open the lid on their affair.

“I’ve haven’t been in good terms with him since I learned about him na Immaculate,” she revealed.

(Edgar Obare)

To prove her claims of dating Jalas, she showed text messages and M-Pesa transactions where the comedian sent her money amounting to Sh20,000 and Sh10, 00 of that money was used to fix her hair.

The M-Pesa transactions (Edgar Obare)
The transactions (Edgar Obare)

Jalang’o is yet to address these claims but here is the full clip:

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