How Sonko Can Become Nairobi’s Hero Amid Governor Vacancy Debate

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko could make himself the hero after he turned out to be the villain of the city.

Sonko who is facing corruption charges is stated to have two options to avert an impending crisis.

The first alternative for the embattled governor is moving to the Supreme Court.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

The move by the controversial politician would be on the basis of getting an advisory on the matter.

In legal terms, an advisory refers to an opinion issued by a court or a commission hence advises on the constitutionality or interpretation of a law.

On this part, the court can shed light on what direction of governance Nairobi County can take.

The Supreme Court

National government to run Nairobi County

The second option for the troubled Sonko would be to trigger an amendment on the County Government Act to enable him to appoint a CEC to overlook the duties of the city boss.

The fate of the two choices is intertwined with his in court on Wednesday.

Governor Sonko is yet to learn of what happens after his legal team presented a bail application.

In the event the arrogant leader opts not to pursue any of the mentioned avenues, there are other contingency measures that can be used.

One of the ways would be the impeachment of  Jubilee party member by the Nairobi County Assembly.

The former Senator’s removal would hence hand over control of the capital to the National government.

Lawyer Olive Kipchumba when speaking to a local daily, noted that in the vent the move is taken elections would be the next step.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko during a past session

Sonko can still run for Governor 

However, Kipchumba noted that Sonko would still be suitable to compete in the contest.

“Sonko will still be eligible to vie because we rely on the case of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto who vied for the Presidency despite having a case at the International Criminal Court,” explained the lawyer.

In the event, the dubious leader is denied access to his office, it is reported that the Speaker of the Nairobi County Assembly Beatrice Elachi, would take control in an acting capacity.

Legal advisor Bobby Mkangi, nevertheless, disregarded the power vacuum crisis allegations.

According to Mkangi, Sonko being barred from the premises does not create an opening in the office of the governor.

Nairobi City Hall

The constitution mandates that the office of the county boss becomes vacant in the event of death, resignation, ineligibility to be elected as governor, convicted for an offence with a jail term of more than one year or impeached.

Further information highlighted that the flamboyant politician will still be allowed to appoint a deputy governor despite the ruling.

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