Kuwa True To Yourself! Octopizzo Teases Kenyan Rappers Who Spit Lines in English

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Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo Photo: Courtesy

Rapper Octopizzo has taken off his gloves and thrown shade to Kenyan rappers who have been spitting in English.

“Tuseme mimi ni mjanga, the first thing mimi huthink ni in English. Unafaa uthink in mother tongue, then swahili ama uingie sheng’ then Kizungu,” said Octopizzo.

“Wasee huthink english ni kama a measurement of intelligence, zii, English ni kama kijaka ama kiluhya. Kuwa true to yourself unless kama uligrow majuu na hiyo ndio vacko yako,” he added.

Let’s agree Octopizzo is not everyone’s cup of tea, but could he be throwing shade to Khaligraph?

For the longest time rappers, Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo have been rumoured to have beef. The duo has had their fair share of push and shove and it’s evident even in their music.

There was a time earlier in the year when Octopizzo threw hidden shots to Khaligraph who raps in American English and slang.

“Mbona Jay Z huwa harap na Kiswahili. Halafu kwanza hawa marapa Wakenya wanarap na English hakuna mwenye amepiga shows majuu (abroad) kuniliko. Hakuna,” Octoppizo claimed.

This, therefore, confirms that it’s not the first time Octopizzo has rubbished artists who do their music in English just to appeal to a bigger fan base.

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