Popular Kalenjin Musician Kills Self after Wife Turns Down Reunion

A popular Kalenjin musician died after his attempts to reunite with his estranged wife hit rock bottom.

Police found the body of Bernard Chepkwony-popularly known by his stage-name Gidy, dangling from a tree when they transferred him to Molo Sub-County Hospital mortuary.

Deceased Kalenjin musician who committed suicide after his estranged wife turned down reunion. PHOTO: Courtesy

Gidy’s uncle Charles Langat told a local media station that Gidy’s wife had fled their matrimonial home in Kuresoi after several complaints.

The 21-year-old musician had travelled to talk his wife into a reunion when she became adamant prompting Gidy to take to suicide.

Langat revealed that Gidy’s situation had grown worse since his wife fled. He would also reveal that the musician had fallen into a depression since the demise of her mother.

The family has rescued him in several instances when he attempted suicide.

“He was rescued on the two or three times that he tried taking his own life over family and marital woes,” said Langat.


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