Relief For Jowie After First Win in Monica Kimani’s Murder Case

The main suspect in the brutal murder of Kilimani Businesswoman Monica Kimani had a slight reason to smile after developments into the ongoing case.

It was reported by Government analyst Joseph Kimani that Jowie was innocent of one of the claims propagated against him.

Kimani told the court that the DNA obtained from the white straps used to bind Monicah before her untimely demise, were not of the criminal.

Jowie Irungu during a past hearing

Despite the slight win, Jowie’s DNA was still linked to other situations in connection to the death of the lady.

A week ago, the same government analyst affirmed that the suspect interacted with the deceased in her final moments.

The report by Kimani placed the embattled Jowie at Monica’s apartment on the night the crime was committed.

A buccal swab DNA obtained from a pillow and the rear seat of a car, matched that of the lawbreaker piling more misery on the already suffering former fiancée of ex-Citizen TV anchor Jacque Maribe.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu during a past briefing

Things went from bad to worse for the villain after blood found on his short was identical to that of the 28-year old.

The findings showed that a total of 73 items were tested when the investigations began in September 2018.

The items taken through the process included a black leather belt, black hairband, maroon pillow, pair of navy blue sandals, a pair of black sports shoes, Heineken green empty beer bottle, swabs on sterile swab stick from the rear left seat of car KCA 031E.

The car that was in the past taken in police custody belongs to the troubled Maribe.

“The DNA generated from the swab from the rim of the empty Tusker can was of an unknown male origin,” read a part of the analysis.

In a twist of event, it was revealed that Monica introduced Jowie to her friend, Lee Omondi, as a security expert offering his services to Interpol and the Office of the President.

The Late Monica Kimani

Omondi during his testimony before Justice James Wakiaga, narrated that he met the main suspect when he went to collect certain documents from Monica’s house at Lamuria Gardens in Kilimani on the day she met her death.

The witness further mentioned that another individual identified as Walid was also there together with Jowie.

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