Beef Alert! Harmonize Blocks Magix Enga On Social Media After Dispute Over ‘Uno’ Song

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Former Wasafi Artist Harmonize has blocked Kenyan producer Magix Enga on Instagram days after their dispute over ‘Uno’ song.

Magix Enga made this revelation while speaking to a local Tanzanian media; Dizzim online.

In the interview, the producer complained that Harmonize had blocked him because he is fully aware that he sampled his beat.

“Kama ingekuwa ni ideas zimegongana, hangeniblock, alijua amesample that’s why ameniblock Instagram,” he stated


Magix Enga also mentioned that he was not impressed by the fact that Harmonize sampled his beat yet he remained silent even after he gave him a warning.

On whether he made an effort to reach the ‘Uno’ hitmaker, Magix Enga said that he has no reason to do so because Harmonize and his team are on the wrong.

Fans are concerned that this fall out between the Kenyan producer and Tanzanian artist will result in bitter feels between the two countries.

Magix Enga weighed in over this concern demanding that Harmonize should contact him so as to iron out the differences.

“Itabidi tu  yani ameongea otherwise itakua ni noma zaidi. Itabidi ameongea otherwise ‘Uno’ haitarudi’ he stated

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The producer also added that although the project was between him, King Kaka and Kristoff, he was forced to report Harmonize’s song because it took him long nights to complete the original project.

In regard to claims that he had sampled the beat from Olamide’s ‘Motigbana’ song, Magix Enga has also issued a warning for the Nigerian singer to pull down his song.

“Olamide pia nakupa 1 week. My project file is 2 years old your song is 1 year on Youtube. Otherwise, you can call and explain by the end of this week” he wrote

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