I Became Rich While Sleeping With Wema Sepetu – Musician TID

I became Rich While Sleeping With Wema Sepetu – Musician TID

TID was once one of the most sought-after musicians and also an eligible bachelor.

When he was at the peak of his career, he dated Wema Sepetu and at that point, he made a lot of money due to the hype his relationship with Wema generated.

When asked at what point of his career did he make the most money during an interview with Wasafi TV, T.I.D brazenly said, “Kipindi ambacho namla Wema Sepetu.” (During the time I was sleeping with Wema Sepetu).

Wema (Instagram)

He then went on to add that unlike popular opinion, what he had with Wema was just a fling.“I didn’t date her, it was just a fling.”

This is not the first time TID has spoken about his ex in a derogatory manner.

In an earlier interview with the station, he claimed that he didn’t chase Wema she chased him.

“I’m a star nisikudanganye bana, and I am proud of that. Everyone knows I was born with it. Mimi sitafuti scandals the scandals come to me. I didn’t ask Wema Sepetu to date me she came to me because I am a star. And I don’t sing kwamba Wema Sepetu was stupid because she saw a star in me,” TID told Wasafi TV.

Wema saw a star in me – TID (Courtesy)

Though Wema approached him, she dumped him and after that, he went on to date many women.

“Nilikuwa namdate Wema Sepetu akaniambia sikutaki, tangu kipindi hicho nimekuwa na wasichana wengi. Ikitokea Wema anataka kurudi hakuna nafasi, I’m occupied,” TID once said in an interview with Clouds TV.

He went on to admit that the media had a field day reporting about his breakup, heightening the situation and hurting him in the process. “Wakati huo mitandao ya kijamii haikuwepo lakini wamagazeti walizichukua picha na kufanya yao, it was bad. Mimi nikasema sawa lakini niliumia sana,” he added.

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