Worst Things Men Wear That are Complete Turnoffs

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Clothes and accessories are top list things that men find tough while trying to impress a lady.

They say when you look good, you feel good and that couldn’t be truer.

Have you ever put on an outfit and knew you looked amazing? Well, you can look classy without looking too formal; you shouldn’t dress the same way as you would when going for an interview.

Looking too formal might just pass the message of being a bore. In most instances, there are many fashion moves that are complete turn-offs to ladies.

Below are some styling tips men should consider before going for their date:

Dirty Sneakers

Except for the fact that cleanliness should always come first, at least put some effort in looking neat especially in what you are dressing.

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If you must wear the best sneakers or shoes that you own, make an effort of wearing them when they are clean. Wearing dirty sneakers will ruin your overall outfit.


Jerseys are known to be for football players and at no given chance will you ever catch them wearing them with jeans for a casual outing with their name on it, so why should you?

Unless you are going to a sports bar, you shouldn’t wear your jersey to any other place.

Clothes With Graphic Wordings

While it is totally acceptable to wear clothes with some form of graphics on, there comes a certain time that people won’t take you seriously, especially if the message is of an offensive nature.

Decorative Jeans

Jeans that come with a lot of designs are a huge turn-off for women, especially if they come in multiple colours or many pockets.

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You should leave such jeans in the past or give them out. To get heads turning, your jeans should be simple, crisp and clean.

Baggy Jeans

This was the trend in the late 90s and early 200s but it has since lost its appeal. The baggy jeans have no sex appeal and make you look like a person who is not sure of what they want with their life.

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No Jewellery On The Wrists

Well, not all men fancy watches or rings but for those not in the know, a wristwatch or jewellery brings great finishing details for a man.

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