Kenyan Ladies Confess They are Also Willing to Pay For Sex

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Years have gone by and one thing about sex has remained constant; women sell sex, men buy sex, and that’s that.

In the today’s society sex work has been associated with a certain gender.

Men especially are the ones linked with being rendered such services, they are potential clients for commercial sex.

Many at times, people do not consider the fact that women could be engaging in sexual services to satisfy their sexual needs too. Assumptions are that men want sex all the time, so why would a woman pay for something that is freely available and plentiful?

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In a recent Q & A on twitter, ladies were asked whether they would pay a man for sex if there was a secure, clean avenue for the act. Men pay for sex all the time, so what’s wrong with ladies doing it as well?

However odd this sounds, most Kenyan ladies are open to the idea that they would offer cash in exchange of having a man satisfy their needs.

Check out their confessions below:








Well, what are your thoughts on women paying for sex? If you are a lady are you open to a man rendering the service to you at a fee?

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