Vihiga Leaders Support Building Bridges Initiative  

Leaders from Vihiga County have drummed support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Speaking separately, nominated legislator Godfrey Osotsi, Senator George Khaniri and Governor Wilber Ottichilo welcomed the impending referendum which will decide the fate of the Initiative.

                                             Governor Wilber Ottichilo and Senator George Khaniri

Supporting the adoption of BBI, Osotsi said that it’s the only sure path through which reforms and reconciliation can be achieved.

Speaking in Luanda Sub County, Osotsi asked area residents and Kenyans at large to ignore those against the Initiative and instead support its implementation.

He said that once it comes into full force after being accepted by Kenyans, BBI will conclusively provide solutions to challenges facing the Country among them poverty, insecurity, and corruption.

His sentiments were echoed by Senator Khaniri who urged other leaders from the region to support the Initiative, reiterating that it’s the best tool through which development will be achieved for posterity.

Terming BBI as an embodiment of the dreams of the founders of the Country, Khaniri said Kenyans need to embrace it in order to fulfil their aspirations which for a long time seem to have been ignored.

“When Kenyans will be analysing the nine-point Agenda in the BBI, I urge them not to be influenced by political groupings they subscribe to. I call upon them to summon objectivity and make an informed decision,” he said.

Addressing the Press, Governor Ottichilo added that adoption of BBI will ensure inclusivity in governance and will help strengthen devolution.

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