Five Common Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

Why men pull away after getting close (Pexels)

Many women have experienced a situation where you are getting close to a man, things are going pretty well in your view, but suddenly your love interest pulls away without an explanation and stops any communication aka ghosting.

For a lot of women, ghosting can lead to many unanswered questions and dating coach Stephan Labossiere seeks to answer the age-old question; Why do men go ghost?

He Can’t Easily Get What He Wants

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“In some situations, the man meets you and wants to have sex and have fun then he realizes, you have standards. You have morals. You have standards that don’t allow him to easily achieve his goals. In that situation, he has no desire to stick around. In this situation a guy pulling away is a blessing. It may feel hurtful but don’t internalize it because at the end of the day He was walking away because he wasn’t that serious,” Stephan said.

He Has Some Personal Issues He Is Going Through

Stephan disclosed that sometimes men pull away when they are faced with a difficult situation and need to go into a cocoon to solve all their issues.

“Sometimes when men face a difficult situation they shut down. He may not open up because he is not yet comfortable opening up to you and some men don’t know how to deal with the situation in a healthy way,” the relationship expert said.

He Met Someone Else

He met someone else (Courtesy)

It happens sometimes where a man/woman meets someone and instead of the spark, you both enjoyed, their connection is greater; it’s pure flames.

“That man meeting someone else and choosing someone else is not an indictment on your lack of worth or quality. It just means that he connects more with that girl than he does with you the same way you probably connect better with another guy than you did with him,” he explained.

You Are Better Than What He Expected

Stephan disclosed that some men go into the fling hoping for a good time and not a long time. They go into a situation casually but quickly learn that the woman is super amazing but he is not ready for a serious relationship.

“I’ve seen men run away from a great woman because they were not prepared for her to be that great,” he said.

You Are Not Reciprocating His Affection

You are not reciprocating his affection (Courtesy)

The fifth reason is on the woman who is not able to reciprocate his affections making him think that you are not into him as he is into you or he just gets tired of trying to win your trust.

“A lot of women go into dating with walls up and with that mentality that he has to prove himself to me…A lot of men have given, given and ended up being taken advantage of or being hurt. If he sees that he is giving to you and you are not giving back (not necessarily sexually) by showing genuine desire or interest he will pull away,” Stephan said.

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