How To Survive On A Low Salary in Nairobi

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Surviving on low pay is very frustrating considering that the current state of the economy is in bad shape.

In Kenya, a number of people struggle to make ends meet by working on different hustles. Only a few are permanently employed compared to the massive number of jobless youth.

Funny enough being employed is not a guarantee that life will be a bed of roses; the big challenge is being underpaid and having to live from hand to mouth.

Despite this challenge, there are many tips that can help you survive on low pay as you wait for a new job.

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Make a budget– this is the best way to control your spending and it will keep you in check. Proper planning will enable you to allocate money for the most important things.

Having a budget also lowers your chances of depending on loans to fund your needs.

Prioritize your needs–  Having a priority list will limit you from spending your money on unnecessary things.

Paying your bills, transport to work and food are some of the basic things that should be at the top of your priority list.

Be on the lookout for free events

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No matter how low your salary is, it is important to have room for entertainment. This is a good way to take a break from a frustrating/ busy life.

With a low income, it could be difficult to fund a ‘party- lifestyle’. The good news is that you can still have fun by attending free events.

Do not live alone/ live in a small affordable house- If you can compromise your privacy, you can live with a friend and cost-share.

If you value personal space, avoid getting a very spacious house that will be more expensive. A bedsitter can serve you just right.

Buy quality second-hand items-  You can cut down on spending by being familiar with shops where you can buy quality second-hand items.

Avoid eating out- Invest in buying whatever you need to cook for yourself. Buying food on a daily basis can milk your pocket dry.


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