Seven Clear Signs Zari Hasn’t Moved on From Diamond

Zari and Diamond (Instagram)

On 14th February 2018, Zari ended her turbulent 4-year relationship with Diamond Platnumz. This was after allegations of Diamond bringing and banging chics at his Madale home.

 “There have been multiple rumours some with evidence floating around in all sorts of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with diamond, as my respect, integrity, dignity & well-being cannot be compromised. We are separating as partners but not as parents,” wrote Zari.

A year on, it’s clear that ZarI is not yet over Diamond or his betrayal and here are some things that suggest so.

1. She often takes shots at Tanasha

Tanasha and Zari (Instagram)

Tanasha generally minds her own business but Zari cannot resist throwing a jab or two at Tanasha whenever the opportunity presents itself.

She once claimed that Tanasha was always in her comment section when she was with Diamond before ‘upgrading’ from commenting on her posts to living the dream by dating Diamond.

 “People are living their dreams, they are seeing their dreams come true. Anything is possible, dream it and it will be done,” she said on Ayo TV.

Other instances where she has taken shots at Tanasha was when Diamond got her a phone, a car and threw her a huge birthday party. 

 2. She still disses Diamond

Zari and Diamond during happier times (Instagram)

Lashing out at your ex in public forums is often a sign that there are feelings still lingering.

 Zari often jumps on opportunities to insult her ex by calling him a deadbeat dad, dissing his ‘cheap’ furniture and even claiming that she left him in the gutters where Tanasha picked him from. 

3. The curious case of KingBae

Zari Hassan (Instagram)

Once Tanasha and Diamond went public, Zari suddenly introduced King Bae who many suspect must be a chameleon because his appearance keeps changing each passing day. Plus, it’s rather suspicious that the only evidence of Zari getting married is a ring that her friend posted and not at least a wedding outfit. We all know that Zari likes to flaunt the things she owns so hiding King Bae is out of character for her.

 4. She has blocked Diamond from following his kids

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz (Instagram)

Unless you are still resentful there is no need to block your baby daddy from following your kids. Zari manages Tiffah and Nillan’s account and she blocked Diamond who later came out to claim that Zari uses their kids against him.

“Unajua kule Mama yao kaniblock , sasa uniangalia kwa mtandanao utaona kuwa siwafollow. Lakini I follow my kids. You know when you separate as partners but you have kids together, the person living with them might use them against you. But ni hasira tu najua after sometime zitaisha na mambo yatakuwa sawa. I have followed my kids but their mother blocked me, but I know zile hasira zitaisha tu na mambo yatakaa sawaa. Licha ya hayo nahakikisha kuwa wanapata mahitaji yote yanayohitajika,” said Diamond during an interview.

5. Diamond said so

Zari Hassan (Instagram)

Mr Platnumz claimed that the reason they can’t co-parent peacefully is that Zari doesn’t understand why they can’t be together.

“I always make sure that I provide for my children to the best of my ability. That is why you don’t hear of any issues I have with my Tanzanian baby mama Hamisa Mobetto. Though we have had issues in the past, Hamisa is very understanding. I always make sure I send whatever is needed at the end of every month. She decided that’s since we are co-parents we will bring up this child together in harmony. But I think Zari has made it difficult because she doesn’t understand why we can’t all be together,” Diamond said during a press conference.

6. Harmonize claims so

Harmonize and Zari (Courtesy)

In his song ‘Uno’, Diamond’s former signee Harmonize claimed that Zari still has the hots for Diamond and his svelte waist still drives Zari bonkers.

“Uno la Chibu Chibu linamkondesha Zari,” Harmonize sang.

7. She keeps talking about him in media interviews

While most people get tired of talking about their exes after they have purged the negative feelings, Zari often talks about the father of her two kids. She recently revealed that Diamond wanted to marry her and that he will never find a woman like her.

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