Five Ways to Avoid Depression After a Break-up

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We have witnessed many people especially celebrities coming out to narrate how they went into depression after a messy relationship break-up.

Some have even gone to the extent of contemplating suicide.

If the relationship is long, and you probably hoped it would go somewhere further, watching it end is even more devastating than any other breakup.

Here are some of the ways you can avoid depression after a break -up.

Consider having a conversation with your ex-partner

You may be able to have a final discussion with your ex-partner to help you understand what caused the breakup.

 However, this may not be something your ex-partner is willing to do or it may be too painful for you to do but it can help you heal fast from the breakup.

Don’t be friends with your ex

Most couples after a break up will start making plans about staying friends that’s because they want to get back together with them.

It can be frustrating when that does happen and seeing them with new partners can lead you to depression.

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Don’t try getting back with your ex

Whether it’s from a desire to get back at them will just fuel depression. Try as much as you can to avoid getting in touch with them.

Don’t seek revenge

After a breakup,  you may feel deeply hurt and you want to hurt them as bad as they have hurt you, but being vengeful will only make you appear sour and petty.

Stop blaming yourself

Blaming yourself for the break up will only make matters worse,no matter how you take the blame, your ex will never come back to you.

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