Dedan Kimathi Grave Not Found, Matiang’i

Interior Ministry has denounced Friday’s media reports that the government had located the grave of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi.

On Friday, a statement purporting to have originated from the Dedan Kimathi Foundation said that the grave of the Dedan had been located at Kamiti Maximum Prison.

“The Site whose search has been ongoing for years is in Kamiti Maximum Prison, Nairobi,” the statement read.

The Kimathi Foundation together with his family had requested Chief Justice David Maraga to allow for the exhumation of Dedan remains so that the Freedom Fighter is accorded a decent burial.

However, the Interior Ministry has objected to the claims of the identification of the grave.

“Our attention has been drawn to news on some platforms that the grave of our freedom fighter Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi has been found at Kamiti Prison.

Please note these claims are false; such info will be relayed to the public only via our official communication channels” the Interior Ministry said.

Dedan was a senior military and spiritual leader of the Mau Mau Uprising.

He led the armed military struggle against the British colonial regime in Kenya in the 1950s until his capture and execution in 1957.

The colonial government never informed his family where he was buried prompting a fruitless search to date.


Late Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi [Photo, Courtesy]

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