Leaked: What is Contained in The BBI Proposal

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Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) task force chairman Yusuf Haji (centre) flanked by his vice Prof. Adams Oloo (2nd left) receives a report from Embrace Women Leaders at KICC on July 8, 2019, in Nairobi. Photo/File

Even as the Building Bridges Initiative committee prepares to hand over its recommendations to President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM party leader Raila Odinga, most Kenyans remain eager to know what the report contains.

Their curiosity could, however, be satisfied after the recommendations expected to be handed over to the two leaders anytime from now leaked out on Friday.

As opposed to the current system of county governments, the taskforce has made far-reaching recommendations to abolish the 47 county governments and replace them with 14 regional governments.

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According to a draft proposal of the BBI report seen by Daily Active, the committee recommends the repeal of the County Governments Act 2012 and replace it with the Devolved Governments Act through a referendum which will also create the regional governments as was envisioned in the Bomas Draft.

Another big change expected to be presented by the team is a proposal that seeks to overhaul the current system of governance by introducing a seven-year, non-renewable term for the president and making the Senate the upper House of the bicameral Parliament.

And in what could open a new political battlefront, the BBI team recommends the creation position of the prime minister and deputy prime minister, saying it would address the cut-throat competition in presidential elections.

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And as one way of reducing the public’s huge pay bill through overrepresentation, the BBI also seeks to reduce the number of senators and MPs from 67 to 29 and 349 to 180 respectively. All the positions of nominated senators and MPs will also be scrapped.

The BBI draft report also proposes the set-up of Regional Public Service Boards (RBSB) as the panacea for skewed appointments in counties, that have been marred by claims of nepotism, tribalism and cronyism.

The taskforce exudes confidence the proposed boards will “reduce corruption and nepotism in employment in county public service by abolishing County Public Service Boards and creating Regional Public Service Boards”.

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The police sector has not been left out either in the proposed changes. The task force recommends the creation of the position of County Police Chief, who will be elected within the framework of counties.

And in what could be a big win for devolution, the team proposes that nearly 50 per cent of national revenue be allocated to devolved units.

Earlier this year,  former Prime Minister Raila Odinga called for the creation of a three-tier system of governance, with the introduction of regional governments.

Deputy President William Ruto has already welcomed the proposal saying the bill will be subjected to public scrutiny before going for a referendum.

Ruto has been on records fiercely opposing the proposal which he has maintained he will not support if it proposes the creation of extra positions in government.

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