Kenyan Ladies Here’s What to Do When a Guy is Only After S3x

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Some men get themselves into a relationship with only one motive that’s taking a girl in bed.

Many ladies have fallen prey to those type of men who lured them into a relationship that they are the only ones benefiting from it.

Man who is keen on pursuing you and becoming more acquainted will love and care about you and not using you.

Here are some of the ways to do when a guy is only after sleeping with you.

Do Not Respond

When a  playboy engages you into a sexual discussion, it’s always good to ignore the chat because he is only after sleeping with you.

A man who is earnestly keen on you will ask how you feel.

Ask Him to Hang Out in Public

Man who is interested in you and wants to be your sweetheart will take you on dates, want to be out in the open and getting to know you better while the man who just wants you as a sex partner takes you his place.

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Tell Him You Are Not in the Mood

A man who is only using you for sex would not like to invest much energy on you and that’s the same thing you should do to him.

As soon as you sense you are being pushed into situation where you will be used for sex, stop and reveal to him that you are not interested in sex.

Try to Ask Him to Stay

The man who uses you for sex will have many reasons for why he cannot go through the night or why you cannot remain over at his place.

The reason behind is that he would not like to impart a personal relationship to you.

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