Interesting Reasons Why Every Kenyan Lady Should Date a Lawyer

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There are so many reasons ladies would give not to date a lawyer among all professions in the world.

Could it be because they are liars, cunning or because they would defend even the worst of criminals just to get a payslip? However you choose to look at it, lawyers are the bravest and among the best people to date.

Here is why.

They Dress Well

This may have been a little too obvious but as much as they are smart upstairs, they dress smartly. One obvious reason is that they are expected to do so professionally. They always stand out in their wigs and their well-made suits making them look perfect.

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Can Get You Out of Trouble

Lawyers know the nitty-gritty of the law, the society, its flaws and they are also connected. Apart from having a man who sees you through the hard times, you need a man who can easily get you out of trouble and lawyers are just ideal.

They are Smart

True to their profession, for one to qualify to be a lawyer you have to be extremely smart. From a lot of reading and brainstorming, these people have guts and wits for days!

Well Respected

Ask even every villager you meet, for a long time lawyers have always been huge respect in the society; the more cases a lawyer wins, the more respected he (she) is. They are respected for their knowledge. Who wouldn’t want a partner that commands respect in the society?

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Guaranteed Problem Solvers

Lawyers aren’t liabilities, they don’t fret when faced with a problem they shine in such situations. Others might get scared when faced with problems, but lawyers are built to withstand them; they have the courage to withstand whatever comes their way. Wouldn’t you want that in a man?

They Know the Law

No one knows the law better than lawyers, and knowing the law could be an added advantage to one’s life. But the constitution isn’t so easy to study and memorize; so if you can’t know it on your own, you can actually date someone who can.

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