Uhuru Reveals Why He Is Under Pressure

President Uhuru Kenyatta admits that he is under pressure.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has admitted that he is under pressure.

Speaking in Mombasa, on Friday, during the groundbreaking ceremony of Dongo Kundu special economic zone, the Head of State said his agenda on Kenyans in comparison to time left was giving him sleepless nights.

The head of state, however, noted that he was not concerned over politics adding that his attention is only drawn to matters of development.

“I am under pressure. My pressure is brought about by too many developments and too little time, but if you think that I am under pressure because of the too much politicking, that is upon you,” – President Uhuru Kenyatta

The president was reacting to a newspaper reporting that had indicated that he was under pressure.

The Head of State further reiterated his commitment to bringing Kenyans together through the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

He said that through BBI Kenya was destined for unity in all matters of national importance.

“We cannot be a united progressive country if certain people feel they are left out or left behind. We must walk together; we have no intentions on benefiting a few people, Kenyans are our primary focus,” said the President

The President also touched on the issue of unemployment saying he was privy to the challenge but said it needs collective efforts of all leaders in ensuring that jobs are created for the youths.

“I know that the biggest issue is youth unemployment, leaders let us walk together to finish this road, Dongo Kundu so as to provide jobs for our youth and help them sustain their families,” said Uhuru.

The President was accompanied by Cabinet Secretary for Trade and Industrialization Peter Munya, Governors Ali Joho(Mombasa) Salim Mvurya(Kwale) among a host of other leaders.






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