Likoni Tragedy Forces Kenya Ferry To Unveil Six Mega Plans That Will Improve Servicess

View of the car involved in the Likoni Tragedy

Barely a day after the body of a mother and daughter, inside their car, was retrieved from the Indian Ocean in Likoni, Kenya Ferry Services Limited has unveiled six mega plans that seek to transform services at its channels.

In the fact sheet released by the company, the management said the government had plans to improve services at Mtongwe and Likoni channels.

The first action to be taken by Kenya Ferry is to ensure the delivery of a new ferry MV. Safari in early 2020.

The management has also stated that they will construct a cable car in three years as well as building the Mombasa gate bridge by 2026.

Mariam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu. The two lost their lives in Likoni Tragedy.

The ferry management has also promised that the aged ferries will be replaced within five years.

The government has also pledged to construct the Dongo Kundu by-pass within two years and finally said that it will enforce ferry regulations to enhance the safety and security of commuters.

The new measures come at the backdrop of massive blames directed towards the ferry management after it failed to contain a tragedy that involved the late Mariam KIghenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

The two plunged into the Indian Ocean on September 29 but due lak of necessary resources managed to recover the remains of Kighenda and her daughter nearly two weeks after.

The bodies of the deceased were retrieved on Friday and burial arrangements are underway.

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