Shots Fired! Otile Claims Vera is Still Obsessed With Him

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‘Baby Love’ singer Otile Brown has publicly come out and accused his ex Vera Sidika of still being obsessed with him even after their nasty break up.

The two who broke up a couple of months ago split on bad terms after they both hang their dirty laundry to the world.

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Vera Sidika was quick to reveal that Otile Brown is poor in bed, despite dating for months and claiming that he is the love of her life.

“He claimed I am a sex addict and would play with myself while he is sleeping. Who wouldn’t? If a man can’t satisfy you, no foreplay, no kisses, no touching just f*** and comes in 10 seconds. Of course, you would play with yourself because he left you hanging,” she wrote.

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The two have since moved on but Otile is convinced that Vera is still as obsessed with him as she was when they were dating.

He claimed that his ex is faking her happy lavish life only for the gram while she is depressed.

He continued to highlight that because of his loving heart, his exes can’t get over him.

He claims she has been hiding under fake accounts and scheming on his relationship’s failure in bathrooms while her boyfriend is asleep.

He also opened up that he doesn’t deserve Nabii, his current Ethiopian ex.

He also put to rest the rumours about the tow getting back together and said he’s single and focusing on his music.

He signed off saying, “Maybe relationships eint for me.”

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