Man Down! Nadia Mukami Takes a Swipe at Hater

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Songbird Nadia Mukami has proven that she also has fangs and she bites when triggered.

A hater tried to come for her beauty in an Instagram photo she posted earlier. The photo was shot after the Angels Hair Festival 2019 held at Two Rivers Mall on Saturday afternoon where she performed.

In the photo, the singer is seen wearing a lovely head-to-toe blue ensemble.

The hater who goes by the name ‘majitamu_ya_mtaro’ commented on the picture saying that Nadia looks like Methuselah because of all the makeup she had applied.

‘Umekula tu make ups unakaa tu Methuselah,” he said.

Methuselah is said to be the oldest man who lived for 969 years. Check out the photo he was dissing below:

The comment clearly pissed Nadia off and she couldn’t take it lying down. She was less than friendly when she replied, “Kama mamako!”

This directly translates to,’Like Your Mother’!

Check out her savage response below:

In another post, Nadia confirmed her actions and says that she is not apologetic.


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