7 Reasons Why You Will Regret Sleeping With Your Lecturer for Good Grades

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Lecturers demanding sex from their students in exchange for good grades is a phenomenon that is alive in many universities today.

BBC released a documentary titled ‘Sex for Grades’ that exposes the lecturers in Lagos and Ghana exploiting their students in exchange for good grades. The documentary has caused uproar all over as that is the current state of our universities today.

While it is rampant and growing more acceptable by the day, many people regret going down that road. Here are the reasons why you will regret sleeping with your lecturer.

Loss of Dignity

You will lose your dignity and your body will start feeling like a transactional vessel. Y.ou will lose respect from your friends and classmates who will start calling you cheap

He will probably not give you the marks and solicit you for more sex instead.

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As long as a lecturer knows that this is the leverage he has to get you to sleep with him or her, they will use it until they can’t anymore. So, if you’re dreaming of straight A’s, think again. He will always put below-par results in order to get back in your pants.


A lecturer who even considers sex for grades probably does it on a number of students. Don’t ever think it is exclusive. Considering the rate of HIV transmission in campuses, taking your chances on a lecturer is bound to blow up in your face.

Many have confessed to getting the disease from a lecturer. If not the disease, other sexually transmitted diseases have been passed around.

School Expulsion

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Fraternizing with lecturers in university is considered a crime and if discovered you will probably get expelled from campus. Expulsion from university is bound to ruin your career aspirations considering how difficult it will be to even find another university to finish your studies. It taints your name and gives you a record.

Break up your relationship

If you are in a romantic relationship, such an action and revelation is bound to break you up.

Parents disappointment

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If your parents have been paying your school fees tirelessly and you get expelled for sleeping with your lecturer for grades, they will be very disappointed. Some have been disowned.

Other lecturers will start hitting on you

Birds of a feather flock together. A lecturer who sleeps with students for grades probably rolls around with such lecturers who share details later. Once you get labelled as cheap and easy, others are bound to start flocking around you with similar demands.

Stay woke!



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